Monday, March 23, 2009

22/03/2009 (21st twenty-second)

haha..longtime din write blog tim.. too bz with sumthing.. 22/03/2009..22nd again.. i wish her happy always, hope that she will be healthy and pretty everyday, haha, what a lame wish.. ok, 2day i had a Celcom Broadband Big Deal Fair at Lowyat Boulevard street.. from 9.30am to 10.30pm.. it was a huge carnival with exciting event courtesy from Celcom.. hmm, we had Telventure, Nasaria, Jaya Berjaya, Cyrix, Full Line, Effective and us competing each and other.. when it comes to Happy Hour section, walao a.. they all doing great crazy deals, shouting at each other.. we had a lot of fun over there, especially the 2 DJs Alan and Bob.. they are really funny.. we had cheerleading performance, breakdance n shuffle, band performance and at nite, haha, we had 2 winners from Project Superstar 2006 John (Huang Jun Yuan) and Desiree (Chen Sze Lee) to sing a few songs and cheer up the crowd.. i had photo session with John at Coffee Bean near there, it was really strange that no one spotted him sitting over there, except me.. hhahahahahah... it was really a tiring day and hot over there, but all of us really enjoyed the event very much.. sumore it's just the main entrance of our place of working.. Celcom, it's all in your hand.. nice slogan har? anyone interested in having broadband line or USB modem, just call me for any inquiry ya? lolz..promoting over here..

*i miss her very much..just saw her yesterday..

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


说, 说你为什么
别拖, 求你别软弱
但你却拖拖拖, 拖到什么时候

如果说你要走, 我不会留,
如果说你要走, 我不会留


如果说你要走, 我不会留
如果说你要走, 我不会留

Translation :
Say, say why, say why you want to go
Say why you want to break up
Don’t hold it up, please don’t be so weak
Please say it out, the reason why you want to leave
But you are still faltering, how long will you keep it on?
If you want to go, but why are you still staying here?
Please don’t keep on hesitating, say it out loud
Please, if you want to be hurt, then so be it, just spare me some happiness

If you say you want to leave, I can’t hold you back
I won’t mind you later
Then we say it clearly, one sentence is enough
If you say you want to leave, I can’t make you stay
So much hurt, so much sadness
Don’t let it be that the more you love, the more you feel sad
And then, even words aren’t spoken anymore, just continue the silence
Even can’t be friends, what’s it for?
After that, you say to other people that you actually still love me
Just forget it, I’ve become a mean person

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

to echynn.. sorry la, i forgot..

ok..this is for that night 14/03/2009 i went out for dinner with my frenz Kah Yan and Xiao Jing.. errrmmm..i had stomache tatday and didnt go for work.. i stayed at home and b a guai guai boy, clean my own room and sweep the whole house.. at night, i went out for dinner with my frenz.. mamak store was whole packed up that night bcoz of the Man U vs Arsenal.. or izzit..? duno whether i saw it wrong or wat? hmm, then we went to those chinese restaurant lo.. u knoe, those place where adults always bring their children for dinner.. order dishes and white rice those type.. hhahahaha, we went in and sat down and duno what to order.. then i jux keep on looking at the TV bcoz the kids over there watching Ben Ten (a cartoon) la.. hahahaha, we had 3 dishes at there.. for drinks, we had THE METAL GUANYIN (tie guanyin tea).. hahaha, we ate until 10.30pm until it started to rain lo.. that's all.. bluek..

8 persons offday today..

walao a..apa macam leh.. 8 ppl off today.. jux me n another 5 persons working.. have to work as salesman, cashier, service warranty department, supervisor, receptionist.. but luckily i had my Pizza breakfast this morning, and for lunch i ate Indo Mee and orange juice..

Sunday, March 15, 2009

13/03/2009 offday lor..

i woke up at 10.20am today.. happy that i finally got my off day.. supposing we had already planned to go have our japanese buffet breakfast at Yaki Yaki there at 11am, but we didnt make it to reach there.. me and Karyn reached Lowyat and after parking, it's already 1.10pm.. the buffet ends at 2pm.. then we went to and wait for Carmen to arrive.. then we head to Pavillion to find for what we can eat.. ooo, then Karyn suggested Sakae Sushi.. (the people there really sakai la.. when we enter oni, they yelled something called 'shinimase!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!' damn fucking loud.. ahahahah.. we ordered a lot of things there.. i really hate the green tea with roasted rice la.. taste like shit.. there, they gave me my bday present that they didnt have chance to give me last few weeks.. haha, a lighter with 'happy bday' word engraved on it.. thanks girls.. after we had our meal, it started to rain.. then Carmen went back home 1st.. and me and Karyn went back to Lenseng.. 7pm we went back to again bcoz she last minute got a job offer tml, so she need to buy a new pants.. hahahahaha.. besides that, i oso need to find my godfather to discuss bout something.. ehehehheeh.. we lepak at TS with Siew Kuan n Penny they all, thought they wana yumcha after this geh, but finally it was canceled.. and then i sent her back home at 11pm sumthing lo.. then i went to find my frenz at snooker centre.. and we played until 4am.. walao a, tired...

11/03/2009 Final Confession

10.30pm after work, when i was at home, i quarreled with my parents on something.. fuck it.. then i went out alone to a place i always go.. bought half dozen of beer, drink by myself.. i drink and drink and keep on drink.. then, i thought of her.. and tried to make a call to her.. she was sleeping that time, but still want to chat with me.. we talked for quite long until my battery was gone.. i confessed to her for the last time, but she gave me the same answer as usual.. she even told me that she had a crush on another guy, which is much more better than me.. she wants a guy that can take care of her, with a steady permanent work, can take care of the whole family, and can make her happy.. when she said that, i knew that i already have no chance of getting her back by my side.. well, it's nothing much but just a sad lonely night.. i promise to myself that i will cry for this girl for the one last time.. i won't cry for her and do something stupid for her anymore.. that's all for it.. she had changed, faster than what i thought.. i hate involving in any love relationship now, because there's no any sweet words that will come true at the end.. we talk sweet everyday, but just ask yourself, do u really do what u have just said..? i love you..i want to marry you, i want to be with you forever.. the word 'forever' here really means a lot.. sensitively spoke by every couple in this world.. but, i trust myself and my feeling.. i still have heart with her.. i love her, the feeling is undefinable.. there's no such forever love in this world.. i back home at 6am morning, and then take a short nap and woke up at 9.50am and get ready to go for work..

Thursday, March 12, 2009


i'm very exhausted.. i didn't sleep for one and a half day.. think too much..

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


11/03/2009 一百二十天已过去,刚好四个月我们分开了,没有你的日子,我一天比一天过得更难过。。我一直在想其实我是不是很傻,追求一个没回报的事情。。你是否在暗示我些什么吗?那些信息又是什么来的?如果你玩我耍我你会觉得开心,请你坦白告诉我,我会立即站在你面前给你打,踢,玩,踩。。只要你开心。。或许我还没有资格和你谈这些吧。。你认为你还没有看到我有任何改变。。你相信我吧,我不会放弃你的,因为我实在太爱你了。。

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The 'Yuan' and the 'Yap' is back!!! im very happy.. my former colleague Ah Yuan is back to our company to help us.. he will be handling over my job at the Broadband department.. besides that, there's another one of my colleague have been transferred to my counter.. Vincent Yap.. So, there's 4 person working at my counter now.. I jux have to watch them and supervise them for everything they do.. This morning i sent her back home to get her wallet, hahaha..very good har? she forgotten to bring her wallet mah.. then i was worry bout her safety if she needs to go back home alone.. Today's business isn't that good.. just a few hundreds of profit.. My boss and my manager went out for meeting, leaving me alone here in Lowyat branch.. sad.. i had McDonald for my lunch..

Monday, March 9, 2009

07/03/2009 memorable night

One memorable night for me, ever.. since yesterday, my fren already invited me to drink at Ampang geh.. some pub la i think.. they already bought a few bottles of Chivas.. but then, at evening, she sms-ed me asking me whether im goin to poppy anot tonight.. OMG, she's goin to poppy ar, with her frenz? then i held her for a while and planned. finally, i went to book a table at there.. i 4got tat i've promised my fren at another place. at last, i ffk them n i went to poppy with another group of frenz.. she didnt go there bcoz her frenz ffk her oso.. then, i dated her out n she was pleased to follow me.. i've waited down at her house for 20 mins, and then she came. she was really special but strange tatnite. jux the's undefinable.. we reached there at around 12am. i bought 2 bottles of Diwars (RM565) and brought my fren in. holy shit, they checked my frens' IC.. tatnite was really strict bcoz the Poppy boss was there.. under 21 years old cant go in.. 3 of my frenz were held up and they waited outside.. then i went to look for my fren at another door, and he got 3 female IC for us..and with my bouncer fren's help, they let us go in.. hahahhahaha.. then, we had a lot of fun inside.. until then, there's something happened at the middle.. i was very pissed off.. fuck that shit wei..

Friday, March 6, 2009


後悔竟傷妳如此 不再放肆

i'm so pissed off with you, man !!

Business very bad today.. i order pizza hut again today.. 2 large and 1 regular with 3 mushroom soups.. sudah giler.. RM68.90.. this evening, here came a stupid fucker dealer, who scold ppl without looking at the situation and the evidences.. he scolded me and we had a big quarrel.. he said he want to report me to my headquarter, i just let him to do that.. guess what he spoke in English to my HQ, '' ur salesman here ar, service bad, no minus ''.. hah? minus? or manners? poor that person who hears that.. no longer than that, my boss called me, and asked about the situation, luckily she didnt scold me much..cuz i explained everything to's not our fault here.. it's the HQ's fault.. that person even shaked his hand with me at the end when everything was settled.. my boss know my temperature.. bad temperature she said.. hahahaha..what ever.. i'm jux doing what i think i'm right.. at night, another case happened.. my broadband customer accused my shop that we cheated him.. we really submitted his application form to Celcom main branch on 5th March 2009 2.20pm, despite he havent get his line yet, so he decided to check at the main branch by himself.. the Celcom there told him that we just submitted his form on this evening 3pm.. what the hell, he called me and scold scold scold and request for a refund back.. tomolo he will come to find me, bcoz i have already prepare the credit card statement to prove that we paid everything on 5th March and not 6th March.. jux see what will happen..

Thursday, March 5, 2009

good day..

sales very good today.. not even half day, profit raised up to RM1000 already.. today is the 3rd continuous day that i had Pizza Hut as my lunch, one whole Regular Hawaiian Chicken by myself.. when everytime i order, the operator who answer will ask me, 'the same order as yesterday, Mr. Jimmy'? hahaha..funny guy..

selamat hari jadi kepada saya sendiri.. haha


Tiada apa yang nak diperkatakan hari ini.. Disebabkan semalam sudah terlalu letih, hari ini saya tidur sehingga pukul 12.30pm.. Oleh itu, hari ini saya tidak bekerja seperti yang dijanjikan. Hujan turun dengan lebatnya pada lewat petang, memang selesa dan sejuk bayu yang dilambaikan.. Sudah kian lama saya tidak merasakan keselesaan dan ketenangan jiwa seperti ini.. Pada waktu malam, rakan saya mengajak saya untuk minum teh berdekatan kediaman saya.. Hari pertama saya dalam umur 19 ini, masih nun jauh perjalanan yang perlu diteruskan lagi.. Selamat berusaha, Jimmy Oh..

Happy Birthday To You, Jinjang


haha..luckily there's no 29th this year (there's one last year), so today will be my last day of 18 lo.. i will be one year older on the nextday, really miss that.. what's good is that i can be call as a matured teenager already.. haha.. what's so great about that.. ok.. today, i've received a small gift from my fren, although it's not a big thingy but, thanks anyway.. i wore nth special 2day, jux a normal plain T from PDI, green colour.. i jux feel very special 2day bcoz there's a really a lot customer who can deal with me in a very very polite way.. some of them even wish me happiee bday.. bcoz they saw my IC number when i fill in the registration form for them, which that require my verification oso.. Jimmy Oh Kien Seng 900301-14-6649.. hahaha.. after finish work, me and my fren lepak at sumwhere 1st.. haha, secret duh.. then b4 12am, we quickly rush to Padi House (POPPY).. holy shit, full hse wei.. then we gathered over there n wait for upcoming frenz to come.. we went in at 12.40am 01/03/2009.. so happy that there are a lot of uninvited frenz at there..jux that we dun sit at the same spot oni.. then we started to drink n dance here dance there.. my fren dragged me to his table at the end of the stage there n started to ask me to drink.. then back at my spot there, the next table bsides me (foreigners) give me a cheers also.. they r drinking red wine ba, bcoz the drink tat they gave me was red colour, wont be blood gua.. haha, drink drink drink.. then i ask my fren upstairs to come down oso.. then my cousins came oso.. drink again.. my fren introduced her female fren to me (she said she's younger than me and single) wor.. hahaha, then she jux hugged me n dance dance dance.. i knoe she was drunk.. bcoz she kept on falling down n i need to pull her back up.. very mah fan la.. thn i ask my fren to hold her back.. then i continue drinking.. fulamak.. i was drunk myself at last.. my fren carried me n let me sit outside Poppy bsides the pool.. and then i vormitted over there.. i jux vormitted plain watery thing oni.. that's alcohol.. bcoz i didnt eat anything b4 i come here.. i wasnt really drunk that time, i still can stand can smoke can talk can think.. my fren worried about me and then they drove my car back home lo.. paiseh leh.. tat's how the nite ends.. thanks to all my frenz who came on tatnite, eventhough it's jux a short while.. but i appreaciated it..

*p/s : some ppl said that 19 years old birthday u shudnt celebrate it so over.. or else u will be very bad luck the whole life.. i jux take that for 50 : 50 lah..

Wednesday, March 4, 2009




生日前的两天, 下午,我朋友们特地过来我工作地方这里给个京喜我。。吃了下午饭,他们还带我去选礼物。。瞒感动一下的。。到晚上,'她' 又突然约我去吃蛋糕。。我走去 jalan alor 的 secret recipe 买了三片蛋糕,其中一个是她很爱吃的 strawberry chocolate.. 我拿到她家的糖水店,和她的姐姐和她姐男朋友一起坐下聊天吃蛋糕。。很开心可以再次坐在她旁边看着她说话和笑的样子。。时间晚了,她还请我上去她的家坐下。。我也很久没见到她的家人了啦。。不知道要说什么才好。。哈哈哈哈,不理啦,开心就好啦。。她家人看到我很京呀,然后她妈有和我聊下啦。。今天不同往日咯,我的身份是朋友。。我坐到半夜一点酱就开始眼睡了,然后就回家。。想回以前在她家出门前她会给我个 goodbye kiss 的,哈哈哈哈,然后看着我走去搭 lift..她那晚真的有看着我搭 lift.. 真开心。。