Sunday, March 14, 2010

i feel lik working..

although i lost RM100 lastnight, but still i have to work.. today is Sunday and at first, the crowd seems to be not that much.. they only come when it's about lunch time, and yeah, we got a total of 10 submissions today in this our very own counter.. yet, i managed to help some of our friends in Acer showcase here to sell laptops.. haha, and Stefanie jux told me that she achieved her target for today of 7 pcs laptop.. haha, congrats la.. my bestfren came to find me this evening, and i was shocked that he started to smoke..lolz, and broke up with her gf.. and got a new job in HLA OTS.. but he's still my friend no matter wat changes he made.. today, a bit tired la..might not going anywhere tonight.. go back home, get my shirts ready and sleep.. tomolo offday lor.. ^^