Sunday, January 25, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year to you, dear..

It's already passed one year.. I still remember the last reunion dinner that I had with you and my family, but this year the seat besides me seem to be empty. I hope that you will feel happy in whatever thing you do. Happy chinese new year to you, dear. I miss you a lot.

Thursday, January 22, 2009


今天 的二十二號, 完全跟上一年不一樣.. 上年的今天,
我們很開心的在雲頂庆祝我們二十二號的週月.. 但是, 我們都
比此不知道今年的我們是分開的生活.. 那時還是忘記要想 '明年今日' 的我們吧.. 真的很想那時的快樂的每一秒, 每一分, 一直有你在我身邊陪伴著我.. 現在的我還是很想念你, 一直在猜想你在做甚麼, 是否和我一樣的每一晚看著同樣的月亮嗎? 我真的很想你..

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

What I've Done?

was late to work this early morning, despite I don't really get enough sleep last night. Day when smooth the whole evening, but then there's one moment which I encountered that truly rude, mannerless, stubborn and f**king stupid couple again (which I argued with them past few days)!! I wasn't there at the first place, they were trying to fight for compensation on the used phone that they bought last week which give them a lot of problems and made them came back again and again to change battery and charger (actually yeah that phone is really a disaster). I hate the malay girl (the chick of the botak foreigner) when she was trying to speak English to my staffs, scolding them and you know, girls always do that kind of face when they are quarreling. What a stupid broken English speaker. When my staffs couldn't stand with them anymore, my manager came and try to settle the problem. I was at a side serving another customer. My manager's expression told me that he also beh tahan with them so much. That malay girl keep on accuse us that we are all a cheater and trying to cheat them this and that lah.. what the..and then she started to cry.. You know how she cried? Haha..I scolded her what.. 'Don't be so stubborn lah please, go and survey about those phone prices before you talk to us, okay??!!', I said. And then the foreigner yelled back at me asking me to shut up, and then we started to argue. I really cannot tahan with him and thinking to wack his face with some object nearby, maybe calculator will do. Before I really want to do that, my manager and staffs came and drag me away. Walao a..why lah? Then at the end, my manager decided to change them a new phone lah, earning them RM50.. And that's how it ends.. I know that it's my fault to quarrel with customers because people always believe that customers always come first.. agree? Even they f**k you or scold you with badwords? I don't really think so. But if from a aspect which I'm a Retail Supervisor at there and fight with customers in front of Manager, then, it's really a fault. Ok lah, sorry about that ya everyone. I will try to change my bad attitude away then.