Monday, May 3, 2010

Better Man

Send someone to love me
I need to rest in arms
Keep me safe from harm
In pouring rain

Give me endless summer
Lord I fear the cold
Feel I'm getting old
Before my time

As my soul heals the shame
I will grow through this pain
Lord I'm doing all I can
To be a better man

Go easy on my conscience
'Cause it's not my fault
I know I've been taught
To take the blame

Rest assured my angels
Will catch my tears
Walk me out of here
I'm in pain

As my soul heals the shame
I will grow through this pain
Lord I'm doing all I can
To be a better man

Once you've found that lover
You're homeward bound
Love is all around
Love is all around

I know some have fallen
On stony ground
But Love is all around

Sunday, March 14, 2010

i feel lik working..

although i lost RM100 lastnight, but still i have to work.. today is Sunday and at first, the crowd seems to be not that much.. they only come when it's about lunch time, and yeah, we got a total of 10 submissions today in this our very own counter.. yet, i managed to help some of our friends in Acer showcase here to sell laptops.. haha, and Stefanie jux told me that she achieved her target for today of 7 pcs laptop.. haha, congrats la.. my bestfren came to find me this evening, and i was shocked that he started to smoke..lolz, and broke up with her gf.. and got a new job in HLA OTS.. but he's still my friend no matter wat changes he made.. today, a bit tired la..might not going anywhere tonight.. go back home, get my shirts ready and sleep.. tomolo offday lor.. ^^

Sunday, February 21, 2010

people are changing

i do believe in cycle, which signifies changing of something.. weather change, life change, time change and even human as well.. a lot of my frenz change as well, they weren't the same like before, i felt kinda disappointed. i really hope to have friends that can last for decades at least. haihz..

Friday, February 5, 2010

i'm awakened..

today it's supposed to be a very bad day n a moody day for me, cuz whole day i just sit at counter and there's no customer.. evening, i went out for korean meal with my friend, and that's the 1st time i really try what is the taste of kimchi lo.. yerr, not really like it.. when it comes to night, it was strange bcoz a lot of friends called me n ajak me out.. sing K (with MKS gang), snooker game (with Dat Kinn), dinner (Carmen), pool game (ex-schoolmates), and yumcha (karyn n cming).. lolz, finally i chose to go for pool game instead, until 12.30am.. and then we went to yumcha at MZ Corner near my house.. hmm, when we suddenly talk about education topic, Leslie and Kimbee intend to persuade me to take a diploma course.. all this while, i'm just lost in nowhere and duno what kind of cert i shud take.. i really want to further my studies n that's always my dream.. and tonight, they did tell me a lot about the education thingy, such as loan, suitable college and much more.. Kim Bee keep on ask me when i want to apply or ask more about the courses/programmes.. really happy to have friends like this who really want u to walk in the correct path n not to get lost in anywhere anymore.. thanks guys, i really appreciated it..

really can consider about studying bah..

Thursday, January 28, 2010


after 2 weeks of working, finally i had the chance to take off day.. and i went to Pavilion for movie just now, with friends. Legion, this movie is quite nice except for its storyline. why would angels possess in human body and kill people. and they could be easily killed by machine guns and shotguns? huh? what is happening? after the movie, we went to Pappa Rich at Shamelin for yumcha session lor..

my critics on Legion
- angels kill human ar? not demons?
- their wings is made by steel? in order to block bullets?
- angels are afraid of guns?
- angels shouldn't have sharp teeth bcoz this will make them look bad like a demon
- Michael is too gay, judged by how he tell Jeep that he have faith in him and, when he tell Gabriel that everything's enough.. he hold Gabriel's face with hand, just like want to kiss him. ==
- Apocalypse, or the end of the day.. isn't that suppose to be related with natural disaster nor meteor crushing? and for this movie, it's God who destroy everyone on earth?

gotta sleep early now lo, there will be a fair in front of times square tomorrow..
work work work..