Wednesday, August 26, 2009



明晚朋友生日,去 pavillion 庆祝,不知道要不要去好。。


Friday, August 14, 2009


random offday again.. got drunk on last night at Starzwalk Bar with a few Malay and Chinese frenz.. we played a stupid version of Baccarat (Banker and Player) and our bettings were beers, satays or ice cube.. damn funny, we even make a fool on the 2 female singers on the stage..

i slept until 11.45am and tat's only when my sister rang me up.. i 4got to put on my alarm as usual and i forgot tat i dated my 2 lovely sisters for lunch today.. haha, quickly rushed to bathroom and prepare myself up.. then i went to Shamelin Perkasa to look for them.. seldom we get chance like this, 3 of us sitting down together and eat.. 4got to take photos ya.. after meal, i went to my auntie's car workshop which is at nearby and i lepak at there for around 2 hrs la..

i heard that SHE was sick since last few days, and i actually wanted to buy her a basket of fruits to her house.. she said no need, and that changes everything.. i hope that she can take care of herself..

at nite, as promised on last week, we went to eat crab at Pandan Indah (Carmen's suggestion) for dinner.. kah yan wasn't feeling good today.. bt nvm, we still continue to eat.. nextweek we are planning to eat Thailand food pulak.. scary..i dun eat spicy food that much.. hahaha..nvm, once in a while la..

after that, i went to snooker centre as usual and played until 4am.. 15 frames.. gila..damn exhausted..
( Jimmy 2-6 Kenny )
( Jimmy 4-1 Edmund )
( Jimmy, Kenny 1-2 Edmund, Uncle Tung )

i was impressed on the 2 frames i had with Kenny (a very pro snooker player).. i won him 59 points with 3 more red balls remaining and he yelled off-on (means reset game) and the bill was RM1.80.. fulamak.. normal ppl play for Rm4 above every frame, but we played really damn fast.. that lady boss was suprised and shocked, she thought that the cashier machine was having faulty or wat.. hahaha.. and another round after that, RM1.60 !! Kenny won that round..he played a good game then.. damn fast.. when everything ended, we went to mamak for a breakfast and then back home..


可不可以爱我 ?


为什麽明明想靠近 却还在迟疑

深刻的烙在心里 最温柔的酷刑


快乐 还是 寂寞 ?

dear, i hope you can see this and feel what am i feeling right now..

Sunday, August 9, 2009

enjoyed myself this whole week..

although i dun talk with my parents anymore since tat nite (almost 2 weeks ady), but i still have my frenz with me and a lot of activities.. especially with the MKS team which recently i closed-up with.. we went to Hulu Langat Look-Out Point, OS, Pandan Indah durian stalls, Len Seng K-Box here and there..

for dining, we went to Tmn Taynton (Restoran Sin-Mei) and we ordered dishes with rice, 6 dishes and a bowl of soup.. fried noodles at Tmn Cheras Muda there around midnight time.. and an unforgetable moment at Bukit Saga where we had a lot of laughters over there..

on Wednesday, i had my sudden off day due to heavy rain over my place there.. guess what i did at home for the 1st time? i washed my own shirts and pants and dry them up..that was the 1st time i use my house's washing machine.. and that's only after i called my sis and ask for how to use that thing...and at night, i went out with Carmen and Kahyan to Taman Yulek steamboat restaurant.. like usual, we were happy when we talk bout our past-time.. we are planning to eat crabs on the next Friday.. hahaha...

last 2 days my snooker sifu/instructor brought me to Kepong and visited their new snooker center.. wow, it was big and amazing.. 2K Snooker Center, that's its name.. the tables and the environment is really different from what we saw before.. one world to describe.. NICE.. it's been a long time that i didn't see my sifu play snooker.. he and his snooker cue and his car Cooper is really astonishing.. Jealous..

yesterday, i went to play snooker with my frenz back here in Cheras, and yumcha with Kenny and Edmund until 4.30am.. quite sleepy now..

and today, i mean justnow.. my relatives came to find me at Low Yat after they went for my cousin brother's convo ceremony.. i brought them to buy camera and we headed to U-Village for brunch.. i had a Superior Shrimp Golden fried rice, and i can say that i'm really regreted for order that.. it was sucks and expensive.. and damn oily also.. RM18.90 for one plate of fried rice.. stupid lah..