Sunday, November 22, 2009

22/11/2009 haihz.. today again..

22 again.. 11 again.. makes me think a lot.. lastnight, i went for a gathering with my old skoolmates.. and it was nice to see them back, especially Chong.. which the last time i saw him was last 2 years.. everyone doesnt change much.. except Kb n tung, they become smoker lik me ady.. hahaha..

back to work, we all enjoy the great BORING day of Sunday.. and we had a feast of KFC n McD in the office at afternoon.. and somehow, today is oso a great loss of everyone here in China City.. hmm..five of us.. lost over RM2000 today.. fuck that place la..

at around 8pm when im back from dinner with frenz, she find me to chat at MSN.. wow..a really enjoyable conversation.. and she did encouraged me to save more money as i told her that i spent a lot lately.. she's really nice..


Saturday, November 21, 2009


Still lonely still lonely
昨晚又再见到你 你还是那么美丽
紧张到话都不会说 就傻傻看着你
渴望永远这距离 就是和你在一起
告诉自己要冷静 却又无法不想你
是你对我有戒心 还是我没有自信
可是谁也不能阻止我 我要暗恋你

So lonely
So here I am standing all alone
在某个街头 有个我在这里只为你等候
Here I am waiting just for you
开放我所有 希望你能了解你能够接受
今晚渴望再见你 虽然只是在梦想
就算没快乐结局 就算从此死了心
我要付出我所有诚意 只要能感动你


So lonely
So here I am standing all alone
开放我所有 我要为你怎么做你才接受我
我喜欢你 我要你 我爱你
So here I am standing all alone
So here I am waiting just for you

I'm lonely
故事就说到这里 就算你们再好奇
我想说的都已说完了 其余是秘密
在那某一个街头 会流传某个旋律
那是我在轻轻唱着歌 我多爱你 vicky

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

so happy to see u back..

after 215 days passed, seven months.. i get the golden chance to see u back once again.. 17th November 2009 8.02pm, a memorable moment which i was playing my laptop at my counter here, and suddenly, she popped out in front of me and say hi.. oh my god, i was damn shocked and my heart was beating lik hell.. she didnt change much, still the same adorable face.. haha.. but really, i felt happy to see her back.. thanks to my fren who brought her to visit me ( i jux treat this person a dinner juxnow) haha..wat a lame.. i hope to see her again someday, wait that im free 1st then i will date her to some more quiet place to hav a long chat.. dear, i miss u so much..

p/s : dun eat Prawn Mee at Oldtown Low Yat Plaza, they served it without prawns.. i scolded them juxnow..then only they put 2 more prawns for me.. shitty guy..

Thursday, November 12, 2009

11th November 2009 = one year passed..

today im very moody, duno y.. cuz i reminded back myself last year's today was the day i broke up with her.. 11/11.. in my life, most of the time, the number 11 and 22 keep on come up in my sight.. and a lot of happenings are related with this number oso.. for example, sumtimes i accidentally sat on a table number 22 in some restaurant.. when i fork the bill, then oni i know.. or, the number that my company gave to me oso end up with the number 22..019-2777422.. and a lot more.. hmm.. 11 oso..u see, 11th November..11 + 11 = ?... 22 right? hmm...

today is wednesday, supposingly my offday is on thursday.. but i took a sudden offday from my manager despite my head was pain at the time i woke up.. really pain.. then i stay at home for the whole day and clean up my messy room.. watched '官心计', and ordered McD delivery for my lunch.. i tried not to think so much about this date.. at night, roughly 11pm my fren called me for snooker game at PGRM.. and in the progress, a malay fren of mine challenged me for a game of RM 50 at the VIP table.. ok.. i won 4 frames, lost one frame.. and got myself RM 150 jux as simple as that.. aahhahaha.. i shud hav win at the 2nd frame, which i parked a blue colour ball at the hole, when i tried to pot it in..but it came out and he potted it .. but RM 150 oso ok la..

dear, i hope that you are happy for who u r now and once again, im sorry for being so mean last time.. i really regret..our memories become a torture in my mind now, as i always think of how bad i treat u last time.. do u know that i still have those pictures and videos that we took lasttime, especially the video clip which we took at outside Pavillion after we watched the movie Cloverfield with Lemon and Chongwei? it was funny and i really can smile back everytime i watch back that video..

i love you..

Saturday, November 7, 2009

glad to see you back bro..

I saw Nelson Moh, one of my best brother on the way back home.. he was with his girlfriend, MJ.. and we talked for a while.. hmm, hope to find him at Melaka soon cuz he promise to take me for a ride over there.. nice place..

Friday, November 6, 2009

i'm touched to see that..

i just opened my Facebook this afternoon, and there's a new message in my inbox.. hmm, i'm so touched to see that message sent from my mui.. here's what she wrote..

"weyy gor, long time didn't chat with you jor. maybe not reaaaally long but still kinda long. hahahaha -___-

what's your phone number now ah? wanna contact you also hard. you know la, you change phone number macam change clothes...

my heart felt pain when see you said you tend to drink a lot these days. don't larrr... your body your health is very precious tau..
maybe you'll think: aiyo not your business la
but seriously, it worries your friends a lot k?

when is your off day jor ahh? see can meet up or not..

hasn't really get updates about you recently...

miss you, seriously.
Daddy misses you a lot too. haha.

take good care of yourself ah gor :)

bee mui

haha..really thank you for your kind concern, mui..
really appreciate it..
i'm quite fine here..
can't die yet har...
hahahaha..hope to see you sumday la..

Thursday, November 5, 2009

4th November 2009 night

this is one of my memorable moment in my life's been a long time since then.. i went to heaven, enjoyed myself with imagination.. and then suffered as im in hell.. i hope that i won't touch those things again, ever.. i want to be a healthy person and a normal one.. the effect stopped at around 3am midnight, and my head was like pierced and frozen.. hmm..and i vormitted a lot also.. luckily today is my offday..