Sunday, November 22, 2009

22/11/2009 haihz.. today again..

22 again.. 11 again.. makes me think a lot.. lastnight, i went for a gathering with my old skoolmates.. and it was nice to see them back, especially Chong.. which the last time i saw him was last 2 years.. everyone doesnt change much.. except Kb n tung, they become smoker lik me ady.. hahaha..

back to work, we all enjoy the great BORING day of Sunday.. and we had a feast of KFC n McD in the office at afternoon.. and somehow, today is oso a great loss of everyone here in China City.. hmm..five of us.. lost over RM2000 today.. fuck that place la..

at around 8pm when im back from dinner with frenz, she find me to chat at MSN.. wow..a really enjoyable conversation.. and she did encouraged me to save more money as i told her that i spent a lot lately.. she's really nice..


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