Tuesday, April 21, 2009

my 3rd station : PIKOM PC Fair 2009 (KL Convention Centre)

10/04/2009 - 12/04/2009

one year had passed, and here it comes again.. PC Fair.. everyone's crazy bout it.. and yeah, we got involved in it again.. but this year we mainly sell our broadband product and not CSL handphones like last year.. 1st day, there's only 5 of us working there and we got only 35 submissions.. but 2nd day and last day, there's 12 of us working.. so, the result rised up to 80 submissions per day averagely.. there's really a lot a lot a lot a lot a lot of people over there.. especially in Hall 4.. walao ye.. just imagine a single hall full with almost 10000 people or more than that.. and u hear people shouting to promote their products.. it's really a headache.. on the final day, something bad happened to our booth.. ok, it's like this.. we actually rented this booth from another PC company named Billionmark and supposingly we can only sell hardwares that are related to computering.. but, in this PC Fair event, we sell Celcom Broadband registration that the price is terribly cheap.. our package sounds like this, ' RM299 = USB Modem + Free 3 Months Broadband subscription '.. outside they're selling one single USB Modem for RM250 but u have to pay RM68 every month to subscribe a monthly broadband.. so, a lot of Celcom dealers weren't satisfy on us.. and duno which fucker went to report us to PC Fair management and then only they know that we are not selling only computer hardwares.. wow, they asked us to leave immediately and chased away all of our customers.. well, what can we do? but later on, after one hour, we managed to come back once again.. and changed our shirt to our company shirt, CSL.. CSL is not just only a handphone supplier, but also a modem supplier.. haha, so they cannot do anything.. just that we cannot do anymore Celcom Broadband registration only.. guess what, we did it without their notice and customers keep on come to buy.. our 3 days PC Fair ended with relief and joy.. i got to know a few friends from there, especially from the booth that selling MP5 and MP3 players, and as well as the Celcom team from Ipoh.. they were 5 of them.. so, that's all for it now..

my 2nd station : SACC Mall (Shah Alam)

02/04/2009 - 05/04/2009

a wonderful wet experience at this Handphone Fair, Shah Alam.. four straight days of rainy days.. the most terrible day is on the 3rd day which our stall almost break down and blown away by strong wind.. all stalls nearby were sunk by rain water, but the crowd is still there.. Thank God we managed to catch customer during raining time.. and yeah, we did 49 submissions for 4 days.. that's actually a really small amount but since it is just the beginning of our new Broadband CSL package, it's okay.. oh yah, the DJ and the tenants nearby were so friendly and helpful as well.. especially the RHB credit card team..

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My 1st station : Celcom Trade Briefing, Wisma MCA and my 2nd station : 32 Square (Seksyen 19, Petaling Jaya)


Today i went to the 1st Celcom trade briefing with my Assistant Manager at Wisma MCA. Felt nervous when i got to know that a lot of dealer representative will be at there. Our purpose for going there is to promote our CSL products and to brief fresh dealers about our dealing proposal. Luckily before this event, i managed to have lunch with her at McD Sungei Wang.. I'm very happy to see her, but sadly today i noticed something. She no longer wear my dolphin shaped necklace anymore, she now wear a new love-shaped necklace. Haihz. By the way, the event ended at 5pm and we managed to get almost 30 dealers' namecard for further references.


April fool! Today i still need to work, no fool for it.. my first day as Celcom Broadband man.. and my first outdoor station is at 32 Square, PJ.. The fair shud start at 12pm until 9pm, but we were late.. damn sienzz over there.. because that's not a strategic place at all.. 20 stalls with only 3 stalls doing Broadband registration.. the others are credit card and clothes stall.. very sienzz the whole day..

i'm back again..

too busy with my schedule lately.. went to here and there to participate in fair.. now only i feel what is a truly worthly income.. it came from ur hardworking and effort.. and in chinese there's one word means '血汗錢' .. i had been transfered to Celcom department starting from April 2009, despite our company had involved in a major Celcom Broadband programme..

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

26/03/2009 beh tahan..

我越来越顶不顺我现在哦的生活。。到底我做错了什么事?做么一个两个都给脸色看?我又没有欠谁的钱又没有杀过人。。我做阿头这个地位真的做到 si beh sien 了。。坏人又是我,有好事就好人一个。。跟本就没有放我在他们的眼中来看!怎样才让他们服我?每天请他们吃东西?每天和他们说好话?每天听回他们的话?酱才行吗?这样来换他们坐我的位子吧。。有时要和他们好又不行,骂也不行。。真的是一句,顶不顺。。