Sunday, July 26, 2009

25th July 2009

today is a damn damn busy day and quite tiring one also.. i back home on morning 8.30am after i had my breakfast with my fren at kari kepala ikan cheras there.. i tried not to sleep and then go to work straight away.. i tried to sit-sleeping but end up that i fell down and knocked my head.. haha..

i woke up at 12.10pm and quickly rush to bathroom and prepare everything.. i arrived at office at 12.48pm.. RM18 gone jus lik that.. haihz.. then i start my work.. everything goes well until 2pm and customer by customer start to appear.. i had to help my staffs to key-in those Celcom registration and on the other hand, i need to sell product also.. lolz..

i finish my work at 9.55pm and i wait my fren to fetch me to my ex's house at Tanming cux they are having a BBQ party there.. reached there at 11.30pm and they have finish everything and left cake and watermelon only.. haha..

we went to BRJ Alam Damai to yumcha after that.. lolz.. two days of BRJ with different spot.. i saw Kin Fon at there.. one old fren.. and then i called Ah Tung (bday boy) to yumcha together la.. we went home at around 2am, and duno wat stupid thing happened.. making there's 2 big road block at Taman Connaught and Taman Midah.. rempit punya pasal la kut..


24th July 2009

hmm..yesterday nite i went out to drink with my frenz until 6am.. so, today i take my offday.. and i called my old frenz to come out for a small gathering.. we (me, Kim Bee, Andy, Leslie and Lester) went to Wangsa Maju BRJ to yumcha.. we yum until 10pm and then we head to T-Bun Cybercafe.. nice meeting them back and had a great time playing Left 4 Dead together.. haha..we went back home around 12am at nite.. but i stayed at Victory Snooker and met a gang of Malay playing lucky ball and i joined the game.. won a bit la from them.. we played until 6.30am.. here u can see, what time do i always sleep everyday.. haihz..

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

happy 22nd to u again, dear..


two years ago back from today, we were planning what to do on this 1st month anniversary.. we went to Times Square to celebrate..

last week, when i phoned to u.. im glad to know that u are enjoying ur life so much.. just happy go lucky everyday.. and im happy that u still willing to speak with me on the phone for more than an hour..ur voice will always running in my ear side..

today.. a lot of things happened.. well, i can say that im very touched with it.. since that i had been transferred to another department of my company, im getting used to it one day by one day.. im now working at office, sitting and on9 and key-in things everyday.. my boss let a whole shop lot for me to take over.. i have to set up a sales counter and decorate whatever i need.. and he oways drag me into his meeting room to discuss with sumthing la.. i learnt a lot in this 2 weeks time.. and for lady boss, today she told a word that makes me stunned and speechless.. that's so kind of her for saying that..

tomolo will be my off day lo.. finally can rest.. yesterday i accompanied my fren from 10pm till 7am morning.. cheesin la.. no choice, ppl who broke up with lover sure very down..i felt that kind of feeling b4..


Monday, July 20, 2009

20/07/2009 my blog re-open!!

today's business isn't that good compared to last 2 days and that was wow.. yesterday i went for a drink with some old frenz.. really happy to see them back especially one of them, Suet Theng, who went overseas for few months ady. we talked bout our past memoirs, when we was around form3 tattime.. haha.. and their 2 frenz was quite funny also.. i forgot to ask for photograph section ar.. but dun wry, we might havin one last farewell party on this week.. duno which date yet.. and actually im confusing also la.. cuz this week another one of my fren Lester Low who are goin away also by this week (holiday ends).. one gang of girls.. one gang of guys.. confusing.. and what's more important is.. where to get a car for one day? cuz my car is still inside bengkel kereta yet.. damaged and crushed like hell.. hope that everything goes well by this week la.. plz..

p/s :- glad to blog again..

Jinjang - Jimmy