Tuesday, September 22, 2009


tuesday. different from the usual one, today is a quiet day..i was ordered to look after the fair counter at sg.wang today.. and at there, a lot of passerby but only a one or two who wants to buy.. boring day.. tonight i'll be going back home and not to spend much money anymore..got the latest 古灵精探 B from my sis.. and i must watch it tonight.. save money ar..

oh yah, today is 22nd.. Happy 22nd to you, dear..
hope that u r happy today..


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

farewell to my friend, Low Han Bin..

my best friend in VI, Low Han Bin.. glad to know that he will be furthering his studies in overseas.. we had a farewell activity lastnite for him.. dinner at Kaki Corner, and then we went to Aladdin for gaming.. around 1am, Wilson need to back home, so we decided to yumcha at mamak near his house at Midah.. we hang there until 3am sumthing.. and that was the last eye i see him.. goodluck to u, Han Bin and all the best ya.. we'll be missing you here in Malaysia..

once again, Toonz!

a memorable sign from him, 'bangga'

Sunday, September 13, 2009

challenge day

got challenged by a gang from Kuchai Lama, snooker match tonight..
RM100 / RM300 / RM500 per frame..
i will be bringing my sifu, Rocky..

*wish us goodluck..hope that we can win..

Friday, September 11, 2009

Goodbye, Shobaanthiran Pillai (Shoby)

I just got news from my friend that my schoolmate, Shobaanthiran Pillai dead on yesterday becoz of car accident.. it was a long time i didnt see him, and hope to hang out with him some day.. i jux found his Facebook acc last week and added him.. he approved my request on last 2 days, and it's unbelievable that he is dead right now.. I felt sad, as he's the 1st friend that i know in form 1, and he always tell me that too.. we met at school hall during the 1st week orientation in Victoria Institution.. and coincidentally he is my classmate too in Form 1M.. he's a good guy indeed.. and an active one too.. May God bless you, Shoby..you will always be remembered.. R.I.P

Shoby's Videoclip : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=83OMsXjhFrc



''I can't believe what i saw.. Hope that i'm just dreaming right now, but it seems to be in my reality world for a long time and i didn't know.. I will stand strong, yet i will still wait for you.. Just hope that you are happy with your new life now''

I love you..

世界末日 11/09/2009

想笑 来伪装掉下的眼泪
点点头 承认自己会怕黑
我只求 能借一点的时间来陪
想哭 来试探自己麻痹了没
全世界 好像只有我疲惫
无所谓 反正难过就敷衍走一回
天灰灰 会不会
夜越黑 梦违背
累不累 睡不睡
夜越黑 梦违背

我今天的心情就好像前几年美国大楼给人炸死了很多人的一莫一样 9 11。。因为今天我已看到一些我自己从来都没发觉到的事。。很多人常问我,她最近怎样啊,有了男朋友没有啊?我根本不知道该答什么好,我就说没有啦。。直到今天我终于看到了。。也哭了一下子。。

Friday, September 4, 2009


31/08/2009 National Day countdown

10pm - finish working
10.30pm - eat steam fish with frenz at Pudu (1st dinner)
11.30pm - went to Taman Taynton to help me friend move house to Balakong. We altogether 5 cars with 11 peoples.
1.00am - we reach Balakong and start to move things up.
1.45am - mission accomplished
2.30am - went to Pandan Mewah's McDonald to relax relax (2nd dinner)
4.30am - dared by my friend Alex to go to Chow Kit to eat Bak Kut Teh.
4.45am - reach Chow Kit's Mungo Jerry Bak Kut Teh..not bad (3rd dinner)
5.30am - back home