Friday, February 5, 2010

i'm awakened..

today it's supposed to be a very bad day n a moody day for me, cuz whole day i just sit at counter and there's no customer.. evening, i went out for korean meal with my friend, and that's the 1st time i really try what is the taste of kimchi lo.. yerr, not really like it.. when it comes to night, it was strange bcoz a lot of friends called me n ajak me out.. sing K (with MKS gang), snooker game (with Dat Kinn), dinner (Carmen), pool game (ex-schoolmates), and yumcha (karyn n cming).. lolz, finally i chose to go for pool game instead, until 12.30am.. and then we went to yumcha at MZ Corner near my house.. hmm, when we suddenly talk about education topic, Leslie and Kimbee intend to persuade me to take a diploma course.. all this while, i'm just lost in nowhere and duno what kind of cert i shud take.. i really want to further my studies n that's always my dream.. and tonight, they did tell me a lot about the education thingy, such as loan, suitable college and much more.. Kim Bee keep on ask me when i want to apply or ask more about the courses/programmes.. really happy to have friends like this who really want u to walk in the correct path n not to get lost in anywhere anymore.. thanks guys, i really appreciated it..

really can consider about studying bah..

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