Thursday, January 28, 2010


after 2 weeks of working, finally i had the chance to take off day.. and i went to Pavilion for movie just now, with friends. Legion, this movie is quite nice except for its storyline. why would angels possess in human body and kill people. and they could be easily killed by machine guns and shotguns? huh? what is happening? after the movie, we went to Pappa Rich at Shamelin for yumcha session lor..

my critics on Legion
- angels kill human ar? not demons?
- their wings is made by steel? in order to block bullets?
- angels are afraid of guns?
- angels shouldn't have sharp teeth bcoz this will make them look bad like a demon
- Michael is too gay, judged by how he tell Jeep that he have faith in him and, when he tell Gabriel that everything's enough.. he hold Gabriel's face with hand, just like want to kiss him. ==
- Apocalypse, or the end of the day.. isn't that suppose to be related with natural disaster nor meteor crushing? and for this movie, it's God who destroy everyone on earth?

gotta sleep early now lo, there will be a fair in front of times square tomorrow..
work work work..

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